A Journey in Coaching: Matt Guerrieri, Co-Defensive Coordinator & Safeties Coach at Duke University

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast we welcome in Duke University’s Co-Defensive Coordinator and Safeties coach, Matt Guerrieri. After being a three-year letterman at safety for Davidson College, Coach Guerrieri worked his way to Lenoir-Rhyne University as a defensive graduate assistant coach. He then worked his up the ladder on Duke’s coaching staff. On this episode, learn from Coach Guerrieri’s coaching journey, and about how he instructs his safeties

2:49 Inspiration to be a football coach
6:24 Learning from experience
8:34 Building culture on defense
10:09 Principles of your team
13:17 Philosophies at Duke
17:35 Reaching your players
21:05 Players being another coach
23:27 Keeping scheme simple
24:21 Coaching your safeties
25:17 Having your safeties play confidently
27:11 Having sound execution
29:01 The winning edge
29:53 Recruiting area

You can follow Coach Guerrieri on Twitter here: @MattGuerrieri

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