Attacking 1-On-1 Matchups: Sam Siefkes, Defensive Coordinator & Linebackers Coach at Wofford College

Today on the Coach and Coordinator podcast we invited Wofford College’s defensive coordinator and inside linebackers coach, Sam Siefkes onto the show. Hear how Coach Siefkes motivates, instructs, and evolves his defense, particularly through using position-less players. Also hear how Coach Siefkes emphasizes attacking one-on-one matchups against the opposition’s weakest player on offense on this episode.

2:14 Coach Siefkes’ background
4:29 Mentors for Coach Siefkes
5:56 How to climb coaching ladder
7:28 Overall philosophy
9:53 Coach Siefkes’ experiences
11:24 Pillars of Wofford’s defense
13:19 Details of practice
17:45 Mental approach to big games
19:06 Preparing for spread offenses
21:04 Development in camp
22:40 Playing against 10 and 11 personnel
25:23 Defensive front vs. spread gaps
27:30 Matching personnel
28:58 Practice structure
30:40 Tendencies, alignments, and formations
33:08 Structure for a user friendly system
35:23 The winning edge
36:43 Recruiting areas

You can follow Coach Siefkes on Twitter here: @CoachSiefkes

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