Foundations of Your Offense: Mike Hallett, Co-OC & Offensive Line Coach at Univ. of Toledo

Join us on this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, as your host Keith Grabowski welcomes the University of Toldeo’s co-offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, Mike Hallett, onto the show. Discover Coach Hallett’s coaching journey, what he eyes in recruiting, and the foundations of his offense on this episode.

4:10 Coaching against Mike Hallett
7:29 Relationships in Recruiting
11:05 Developing relationships
15:31 Inspiration to be a coach
22:19 Offensive line play at Toldeo
24:57 Building chemistry on offensive line
28:14 Building foundation on offense
31:29 Organizing your offense
33:14 Advice for young coaches
35:34 The winning edge
36:41 Recruiting areas

You can follow Coach Hallett on Twitter here: @CoachHallett

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