Home Team Podcast: Thomas Hammock, Head Coach at Northern Illinois University

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast we continue our “Home Team Podcast” series. Our guest host, Joel Nellis welcomes in the head coach at Northern Illinois University, Thomas Hammock. As a player at Northern Illinois, Coach Hammock still ranks 13th all-time in Huskie history in career rushing yards. A heart condition halted Coach Hammock’s playing career, but he quickly transitioned to roles as a coach with the University of Wisconsin and the Baltimore Ravens. After spending five seasons with the Ravens as the running backs coach, Coach Hammock returned to take the helm as the first African American head coach in Northern Illinois’ history. Learn from Coach Hammock about how he emphasizes family in his program and how he develops his players into young men.

1:57 Intro
4:18 Stars of your home team
5:46 Transitioning into coaching
7:01 Career decision-making process
8:11 Time management
9:32 Discipline at home
10:06 Handling negative press
10:58 Difference between NFL and college
11:58 Players being accountable at home
12:57 Factoring in family during the hiring process
13:55 Staying connected with family
14:40 Family atmosphere
16:36 Families and recruiting
17:16 Family situations
19:31 Chasing ghosts in the game-plan
20:55 Building your program
23:00 Lessons from overcoming struggles
23:39 Helping players feel valued
25:01 Legacy in coaching

You can follow Coach Hammock on Twitter here: @NIUCoachHammock

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