Offensive Line Training On Your Own: Rich Alercio, Head Coach at St. Johnsbury Academy (VT)

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, we welcome in St. Johnsbury Academy’s head coach, Rich Alercio onto the show. On this episode, learn how your offensive linemen can maintain their power, skill, and technique while working out at home. Whether it is using a broom, a chair, or a phone, there are tools at home that can assist your linemen with their training while away from any workout facilities. Tune in and learn from Coach Alercio during this episode.

3:59 Linemen maintaining power
6:55 Movement skills for linemen
8:49 At home workouts
12:36 Film reviews for coaches
13:35 Positioning the camera
15:04 Drills for hand technique
20:50 Chair location and camera setup
22:27 Emphasizing footwork
27:19 Working your hips

You can follow Coach Alercio on Twitter here: @OLineSkills

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