Pro-Style Offense: Tanner Engstrand, XFL Offensive Coordinator for the DC Defenders

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast we welcome Tanner Engstrand back onto the show. During his career, Coach Engstrand served as the assistant head coach and offensive coordinator at the University of San Diego for thirteen seasons. After that stint, Coach Engstrand then joined Coach Harbaugh’s staff at the University of Michigan as an offensive analyst. Currently the offensive coordinator for the XFL’s DC Defenders, Coach Engstrand joins us and discusses quarterback development, shifts, personnel groups, and run-action passes that he utilizes in the XFL.

3:11 From Michigan to the XFL
4:34 Adding elements to pro-style offenses
5:58 Movement and the play-clock
7:52 Procedures
9:17 Using shifts and motions
12:36 Forcing multiple checks
13:49 Formations and run-action passes
17:07 Moving eyes and feet in progressions
20:15 Timing with receivers
23:10 Training the quarterback
26:29 Concept call drill
27:34 New rules in the XFL

You can follow Coach Engstrand on Twitter here: @CoachTEngstrand

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