Q&A with the Godfather of the Fly Offense: Mark Speckman, Assist. Head Coach & RB Coach at UC Davis

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, we welcome in the Assistant head coach and running backs coach at UC Davis, Coach Mark Speckman onto the show. Coach Speckman is known as own of the founding fathers of the fly sweep play, and today we hear how Coach Speckman has evolved the play throughout his career. Tune in and learn the details of the fly sweep, how it has changed over the years, and how defenses are learning to attack the play as well.

3:32 Influence of the fly sweep
5:49 Development of plays
8:24 Defenses that give the fly sweep trouble
12:33 Green, yellow, and red sweeps
13:54 Practice time for blocking
17:08 The exchange point in shotgun
24:02 Fitting into your own offensive system
25:49 Basic principles behind splits
27:38 Adjustments made to the fly sweep
31:00 Play-action
38:21 Keys for inside runs
44:02 Installing fly sweep

You can follow Coach Speckman on Twitter: @MarkSpeckman

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