Recruiting OL, Culture Shift and the Duo Play: Cody Kennedy, Offensive Line Coach at Tulane Univ.

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, we welcome back Coach Cody Kennedy from Tulane University. Coach Kennedy leads the offensive line at Tulane and on today’s episode he breaks down the duo play, the factors that come with recruiting offensive linemen, how he persevered throughout his coaching career, and the change in culture at Tulane University.

3:23 Approach to recruiting offensive linemen
7:24 Multi-sport athletes
9:46 Deciding on offering scholarships
13:06 Recruits handling social media
15:43 Culture shift at Tulane
19:44 Coach Kennedy’s personal journey
23:10 Favorite plays to run
24:05 Installation process
25:32 Determining plays on film
26:55 Vertical dent in the defense
32:20 Recruiting areas

You can follow Coach Kennedy on Twitter here: @CoachCKennedy

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