Teaching Anticipation: Adam Lechtenberg, Running Backs Coach at Virginia Tech

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, we were joined by Virginia Tech’s running backs coach, Adam Lechtenberg. Formerly the Assistant Head Coach and the Executive Director of Player Development, Coach Lechtenberg has officially secured an on-field position with the Hokies. Tune in and learn about Coach Lechtenberg’s career path, what it is like to work with Virginia Tech Head Coach Justin Fuente, and how Coach Lechtenberg teaches anticipation to his running backs.

2:31 Inspiration to get into coaching
4:04 How a football career teaches you how to coach
5:30 Reaching the FBS level as a coach
9:17 Accepting different jobs before your dream
11:24 Working under Coach Fuente
14:11 Mindset in the running back room
17:19 Teaching from home
19:52 Developing the unit
21:57 Time management
24:55 Focus for running backs
30:50 Making the right read
34:15 Pre-snap read progressions
36:44 The Winning Edge
38:21 Recruiting areas

You can follow Coach Lechtenberg on Twitter here: @CoachLecht

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