Branding your program with TikTok – Marco Regalado, LB Coach, STC, PSJA Memorial HS (TX)

On today’s podcast, host Keith Grabowski looks at different ways to brand your program using the new social media tool Tik Tok. Joining Grabowkski is Coach Marco Regalado, special teams and linebackers coach at Par San Juan Alamo Memorial High School, who has figured out ways to take Tik Tok to the next level.

1:13 How Coach came up with the idea to use Tik Tok as a tool

2:37 Mechanics of Tik Tok

5:18 Which groups coach has represented on Tik Tok

11:00 Coach’s most viewed videos

13:30 New ideas for topics

15:42 How Coach thinks Tik Tok will be used going forward with recruiting and other aspects of coaching

18:49 Specifics on how it could be used as a tool for athletes getting their film out to coaches

21:45 How Tik Tok can be used to help brand your program

25:02 End of practice Coaches

27:22 Connect with Coach

28:11 Coach Regalado’s audio from his post practice coach clip