Brennan Marion, WR Coach, University of Hawaii – Building Your Position Room

On today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined by Hawaii Wide Receivers coach, Brandon Marion. Coach joins the podcast today to talk about how he builds and maintains his WR room as well as how he has consistently been able to develop the underdogs.

1:12 Marion’s thoughts on giving back to High School Coaches
2:01 Which positions Marion has coached and how its helped him
3:08 How playing WR helps coach run his WR room
5:08 Go-go offense
7:43 Key aspects when putting together a system to fit your players
9:49 Keys to base installation and how it helps later in the year
11:43 Keys to seeking out mismatches vs players and schemes
13:47 Unique aspects to Marions position groups
17:00 Most important traits to playing WR for Coach Marion
20:08 Being efficient while still keeping guys fresh during the week
22:10 Keys to getting WR’s willing to block
24:25 Developing an underdog
28:30 Connect with Coach