Coaching Cues and Drills for In-Game Situations: Richie Gray, Founder of Global Sports Innovation

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast we welcome back Coach Richie Gray to the show. Coach Gray is a skills acquisition and coaching education specialist and he’s the CEO of Global Sports Innovation as well. Previously, Coach Gray spent 12 years with the Scottish Rugby Union, where he was involved with development and education. Gray then went on to work with the Miami Dolphins during the 2016 season to help with skills development and tackling. He also helped USA Football found the Advanced Tackling System as well. On today’s episode, we discuss player development, coaching cues, and relating drills to in-game situations.

4:28 Developing players
13:21 Developing coaching cues
23:24 Evolving cues with changing culture
29:06 Relating drills to game-day situations
35:50 Utilizing new equipment properly
40:10 Learning for coaches through writing

You Can follow Coach Gray on Twitter here: @RichieGrayGSI

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