Managing The Run Game: Cris Reisert, Head Coach at Tiffin University

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast we welcome back coach Cris Reisert onto the show. The head coach at Tiffin University, Coach Reisert has helped develop the culture at his program and he also has established pillars to live by under his watch. After going 9-1 last season, winning a Division II GMAC conference title, and making the Division II playoffs, it is evident that Coach Reisert is transforming his program. Tune in and learn about these progressions, how Coach Reisert manages the run game in his offense, and about Coach Reisert’s mindset on RPOs.

3:05 Managing the run game
6:16 Run game schematics
14:18 RPOs and play-action
18:39 Defense giving things away
20:13 Pillars for your program
29:12 Lessons to stick with you
30:37 Recruiting areas
31:53 Closing

You can follow Coach Reisert on Twitter here: @CoachReisert

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