Non Traditional Route To FBS, Relationships and Teaching – Will Windham, Safeties Coach, Kent State

On today’s podcast, Host Keith Grabowski is joined by Kent State Safeties Coach, Will Windham. Coach Windham is a master in relationship building and goes over how he develops and grows relationships with both players and coaches.

1:28 Coach’s Journey
6:44 Coach’s relationships with Coaches he worked under during his journey and how they’ve affected him
11:24 Coach’s book and how it helped him get a job at Georgia
16:08 What approach Windham takes to analyzing his immense amount of data
20:55 How Coach has been adjusting to teaching during the quarantine
25:26 What Coach has learned during quarantine that he will carry forward with him when regular schedule resumes
28:39 How Coach builds relationships with his players
36:24 Be The Alpha
39:18 Winning Edge
40:40 Coach’s recruiting areas
41:32 Connect with Coach


Sean Lewis, Head Coach, Kent State

Andrew Sowder, Offensive Coordinator, Kent State

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