Packaging Zone Blitzes: John Loose, Assistant Head Coach & LB Coach at Army West Point

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, we welcome Army West Point’s assistant head coach and linebackers coach, John Loose, onto the show. Coach Loose was promoted to assistant head coach after serving as the team’s defensive coordinator in 2019. He will coach the outside linebackers in 2020 in addition to his assistant head coach duties. During this episode, learn how to prepare terminology for your team, different zone blitz packages, and more.

2:42 Lauren’s First and Goal Camp
4:52 Packaging the zone blitz
6:51 Most effective methods
8:45 Memorization
13:08 Fitting your terminology
16:06 Confusion with word association
17:10 Calling the coverage first
18:10 Players knowing their packages
20:56 Multiple blitz packages
22:58 Simplicity
27:15 2 Under, 4 Deep
31:26 Recruiting areas

You can follow Coach Loose on Twitter here: @CoachJohnLoose

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