Remote Learning & the Four Quadrant Plan: Robert Pomazak, Head Coach at St. Charles North HS. (Ill.)

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, we welcome back Robert Pomazak, the head coach of St. Charles North High School. Coach Pomazak has contributed to USA Football and the podcast continually, and during this episode he offers his insight into remote learning for your team. With players and coaches being separated, Coach Pomazak has developed a “Four Quarters” online system to educate his team while they are at home. Tune in and learn how you can organize your team’s off-season film review, workouts, and personal growth all online.

2:47 The Four Quadrant plan
5:44 Developing the remote program
7:00 Information in each quadrant
10:50 Parameters for participation
13:15 Lessening the burden
14:43 Getting ready for the season
27:48 Staying connected
20:44 Player feedback
22:37 Future of remote learning

You can follow Coach Pomazak on Twitter here: @CoachPomazak

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