Start Up Coach: Tony Neymeiyer, Offensive Line Coach at St. Thomas University (FL)

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast we welcome St. Thomas University’s offensive line coach, Tony Neymeiyer onto the show. Coach Neymeiyer has an extensive history with helping to build start up college football programs. During his tenure, Coach Neymeiyer found success quickly turning around newly founded programs. Hear his advice on this episode and also learn how Coach Neymeiyer develops his offensive linemen.

2:48 Coach Neymeiyer’s background
3:48 Following the coaching tree
12:50 Creativity in the run game
20:56 Wearing multiple hats
30:38 Developing offensive line
32:56 Power run scheme
39:45 The winning edge

You can follow Coach Neymeiyer on Twitter here: @TNeymeiyer

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