The Tex-Bone Offense: Joe Austin, Head Coach at Southwestern University

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast we welcome Southwestern University’s head coach, Joe Austin, onto the program. With the help of his longtime friend and current offensive coordinator Tom Ross, Coach Austin helped develop the Tex-Bone Offense. A combination of the triple option and spread offenses, Coach Austin has adapt the power run technique of the triple option to modern football. Spread formations allow easier reads for the offense, and Coach Austin takes advantage of that in his hybrid offensive attack.

2:37 Inspiration to become a coach
3:46 Restarting football programs
6:32 Tex-Bone offense
9:31 Advantages of a spread offense
11:30 Friendly concepts of the Tex-Bone
13:15 Keeping the defense honest
14:48 Technique
16:06 A user-friendly offense
18:13 Benefit of the Tex-Bone offense
19:51 Advantage of the power triple option
21:48 Blocking scheme in power run
23:53 Technique in the backfield
24:!4 Play-action off the power triple
26:06 Seam routes

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