Build the Bridge: Head Coach Mac Stephens and Assist. Coach Kahari Hicks, Cleveland Heights HS

Today on the Coach and Coordinator Podcast we welcome two coaches from Cleveland Heights High School (Ohio). Head Coach Mac Stephens brings his experience in coaching and as a former NFL player to his program. He alongside assistant coach Kahari Hicks helped develop the “Build the Bridge” program. On this episode, tune in and learn how bringing football programs together, whether its a 7-on-7 Tournament or an event, can bring communities together.

1:39 Starting the movement
4:00 Discussing with other coaches
5:47 The Bridge Program
10:15 Getting teams started
12:31 Just the beginning
16:20 Building the bridge to parents
18:00 Sports unifying communities
20:17 Number of participants
21:23 Local sponsorships
22:49 Designing the logo
24:10 Adopting the program
30:22 Message to coaches

You can follow Coach Stephens on Twitter here: @MacStephens
You can follow Coach Hicks here: @Kahari_hicks

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