Space, Time, and Talent – Dub Maddox, Offensive Coordinator, Union HS (OK)

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith Grabowski is joined by recurring guest Dub Maddox, new offensive coordinator at Oklahoma powerhouse Union High School in Tulsa, Okla. Coach Maddox is not only a decorated coach but also an author with his works, Adapt or Die, From Headset to Helmet and What is Open. The creator of the R4 System shares his thoughts on space, time and talent and how he quantifies those at each position. On a bigger picture, Grabowski and Maddox discuss how the concept fits into building a culture within a team.

2:21 How Maddox has utilized the extra time during the off season
5:15 How the constraints of space, time, and talent drive everything in football
9:20 Protocols for ever position
11:13 Weapons for defense and receiver tools to defeat them
12:53 Example of how it works for inside receivers
17:02 Rhythm blocks for linemen
18:42 Read blocks at the second level
19:57 Rush family of run blocks
22:49 Calibrating the run game with R4
26:00 How correctly understanding and operating within space, time, talent build a culture
31:25 Coach Maddox’s contact and resources

Twitter: @CoachDubMaddox
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Dub Maddox on Coach and Coordinator:

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