Football For All – Womens’ Place in the Game, Samantha Rapaport, Dir. of Diversity & Inclusion, NFL

Today’s episode is a crossover episode of Football for All(designed for your youth football community), we are joined by a key uprising component to the sport of football, the female football player. Sam Rapaport is the Senior Director of Diversity & Inclusion at the NFL. At a young age, Sam was involved in flag football and then progressed to the tackle level. Now being in the front office of the National Football League, she talks about the importance of young girls and women involved in the sport of football. The presence of women in the game from playing to getting hired on to coaching staffs is a hot topic in today’s society. Sam is a living role model for any girl who has the dream of playing football or reaching employment in any NFL front office. Listen to her opinions on how football can truly be a game enjoyed by all.
2:41 How Sam got involved with football
4:10 How playing football drove her to work in professional football
4:21 Women’s presence growing in the sport
7:00 Flag football becoming a certified sport at the collegiate level
8:58 Female participation in football
10:42 NFL’s effort to expand female coaches in the league
12:25 NFL’s responsibility to overcome the barrier between playing football to coaching
15:04 The importance of diversity in a coaching staff
16:27 Bridging the gap from flag football to tackle football for young girls
18:42 How the FDM helps female athletes progress forward
20:10 The rookie tackle model shaping youth leagues
22:13 Advice for parents with daughters who are interested in playing football

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