From Hall of Fame Coach Darrell Royal’s Book – “The Simple Life In Coaching”

Darrell Royal was University of Texas Head Coach from 1957-1976. He also was head coach at Mississippi State and Washington. He won three national championships with a career record of 184-60-5. He was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1983. In Royal’s 20 years as head coach, Texas never had a losing season.

In 1963, Royal wrote a book, Darrell Royal Talks Football, and it is packed with football wisdom. Without a single diagram in the book, it is coaching knowledge that is timeless.

His chapter “The Simple Life in Coaching” is full of insight that holds true today.

On today’s podcast, Keith Grabowski shares that chapter.

The Why’s of Football
The Coaching Brotherhood
Coaches’ Approach
The Other “Schools”
The New, Sophisticated Player
Keep It Simple
Avoid Mistakes
A Confused Player Cannot Be Aggressive
Be Quick or Dead
Progress Toward Simplicity
When Variety is Not the Spice of Life

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