Short Prep Time For The Season, Vince DiGaetano, Assistant Coach – Fordham University

We revisit this podcast from the 2018 season because the topics in preparing for a season with little time are applicable right now. There’s a lot to learn from the experience Vince DiGaetano, now an assistant coach at Fordham had when he decided to accept the head coaching job at SUNY Maritime.

This week in the Deliberate Practice series, Keith Grabowski and Andy Ryland talk with coach Vince DiGaetano about his adaptation in a very fast coaching move. The coaches discuss how he kept laser focus with a five day turn around after accepting a head coaching job. Coach DiGaetano discusses building the culture, having vision, and the 5 Fights Philosophy. Coach DiGaetano describes how contact and tackling work into his practices to better his players.

:00 Advanced Tackling System
02:30 Laser focus for coach Digaetano
04:30 Family
05:00 Staffing and vision
06:00 Keeping familiarity for the players
06:50 Reaching out to the players
07:20 Learning the operation
08:00 Enhancing the experience for the players
08:18 Parents
09:10 Being a principal and coach
10:00 Program core values
10:40 W.A.R.F.A.C.E
11:52 Getting specific with tackling drills
12:30 5 Fights Philosophy on t-shirts
13:40 Making the players apart of the learning
14:10 Constant reinforcement of the philosophy
15:25 Andy’s thoughts on the 5 Fight Philosophy t-shirts
16:05 Makes the coaches learn and teach
17:00 The players like the reinforcement
17:45 Players writing the practice plan
18:25 What are their core fundamentals? What needs teaching?
20:35 Coach Digaetano working fundamentals in conditioning
21:45 Digaetano working with strength and conditioning staff
22:45 Strength coaches must have input
24:10 4th quarter drill
25:55 Player surveys in season
27:00 Three team goals
27:50 Accountability for the coaches
28:30 Using the feedback
29:12 Assistant coach of the week building moral
32:30 Balancing teaching, installing, correcting and preparation
33:15 Reversing the contact model
34:25 Working body movement
34:55 Working it into scheme
36:30 Evaluation and development of younger players
38:00 Getting the players involved in scheme
38:45 It’s about working together to get the right answer
39:45 Continue to recruit the players you have on the roster
41:15 Grouping kids by ability to service them
41:55 Working with the coaches too
42:20 Gradually introducing the 5 fights
42:40 Being passionate about it
43:33 Look at the opponent
45:40 Tackling drill adjustment
47:26 Team tackling drill
49:25 Learning from the unpredictable
50:10 Andy summary and breakdown
52:25 Being creative and keeping players excited
53:05 Having fun
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