Adjusting and Adapting the Season during COVID19 – Rob Pomazak, HC St. Charles North HS

Today on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, Keith is joined by coach Rob Pomazak to discuss the adjustments and adaptations he is making to continue building his football program by design starting . Pomazak is the head coach at St. Charles North (IL), 2018 IL state runner-up.

00:40 Adapting in a time of unknowns
01:45 Adjusting to changing timelines
04:51 Dealing with players emotions
08:48 Message to players as things change
10:17 Plans for the future; remaining fluid
12:07 Having digital resources for the program
15:50 Dealing with “Zoom fatigue”
18:13 Keeping a human touch to the virtual world
21:57 Four quarter development plan shifts
23:57 Digital combine and recruiting fair
28:45 The coaches, players, parents role in recruiting during COVID19
34:57 Best utilizing coaches in the process
36:50 Getting players video from practice to recruiters
38:47 Looking forward to series with Coach Pomazak


Program by Design – Robert Pomazak Playlist