Dealing With Player Mental Health – University Of Denver – Dr. Mark Aoyogi & Dr. Brian Gearity

On today’s episode, Keith Grabowski is joined by two University of Denver professors to discuss mental health and issues that may arise during the COVID19 shutdown. The doctors discuss how to better understand mental health and create an environment that allows player to share how they are feeling. The also give suggestions and resources to help coaches in this area.

Dr. Mark Aoyagi is a Senior Consultant, Sport & Performance Excellence Consultants; Director of Sport & Performance Psychology, Univ. of Denver Graduate School of Professional Psychology. He works with NFL, NHL and NBA teams.

Dr. Brian Gearity has been the director of the Master of Arts in Sport Coaching program at Denver since 2014. Before teaching at Denver, Dr. Gearity spent five years at the University of Southern Mississippi as an assistant professor of Sport Coaching Education. As a coach, Dr. Gearity’s specialty is in the strength and conditioning side. Dr. Gearity worked as a strength coach at the University of Tennessee for nine years and received his PhD in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies from Tennessee in 2009.