From The Archives – Joe Osovet, Currently TE Coach Univ. Of Tennessee

From the Archives – Current Tennessee Volunteer Tight End Coach, Joe Osovet joined us in the first year of the podcast to talk ball:

RPO innovator Joe Osovet is the guest on this episode of the USA Football Coach and Coordinator podcast. The head coach at ASA College in Brooklyn, Osovet sits down with Keith to discuss the ins and outs of his RPO system. He also dives into how young coaches can begin implementing the RPO, the absolute importance of the player-coach relationship and why new offensive coordinators should resist the temptation to try to do too much.
• :51 Coaching start
• 1:35 Importance of relationships
• 2:33 Development as a coach
• 3:40 Coaching philosophy
• 5:05 3 simple rules for program culture
• 6:58 Developing RPO philosophy (and why football coaches are thieves)
• 8:34 Xs and Os of Osovet’s offense
• 10:20 Why you need to practice RPO every single day
• 12:05 Modifying game plan based on QB experience
• 13:23 Repping during the week
• 17:26 Reads and manipulation
• 19:14 Importance of ID’d the defense and relying on call sheets in key spots
• 30:00 Unique RPOs and the Xs and Os of Osovet’s most successful plays
• 26:35 How young coaches can get started implementing RPO
• 28:32 Mistake as young coach (trying to do too much)
• 29:32 Book recommendations
• 33:09 Utilizing technology
• 34:40 Creating balance (and the importance of the coach’s wife)
• 36:53 The lessons that football teaches
• 39:31 Two-minute drill
• 41:11 The winning edge