The Coach and Coordinator State Champions Clinic

The Coach and Coordinator State Champions Clinic

2020 was a year full of adversity on and off the field!  It speaks volumes for the teams and coaches that were able to fight through it to bring their program a title.

We have been busy running virtual clinics for state associations, charity, and private clinics.  We want to end the clinic season with a bang in having the 2020 State Champion coaches and staffs present ideas that helped them win it all.

We will be holding the Coach and Coordinator State Champions Clinic as an ongoing clinic every Tuesday and Thursday from March 30th until May 27th (7pm-11pm EST) for a total of 216 sessions.  Head coaches and assistants will be presenting.

The focus of the clinic format will be on problems and solutions.  Talk after talk this off season has focused on teaching bigger overarching concepts which has given all of us a ton of football knowledge.  The state champions will get into the details of making those concepts work specifically against the different strategies and tactics thrown at them.

What will this look like?

We will be releasing speakers and topics soon, but here are examples:


O: Defeating the Tite Front with ___ Personnel

D: Shutting down the ___ Route/Concept with ____ Coverage

O: Answers to ___ Coverage D: Stopping 2nd Level RPO with ___ defense

D: In game adjustments to stop _____

Program: Increasing participation by _____

Program: Better practice structure 

Special Teams: Avoiding penalties on the punt return unit

Strength & Conditioning: Preparing the Multi-Sport Athlete

The idea is to address the things that cause problems and offer coaches best solutions.

When will the clinic be?

This will be an ongoing clinic – every Tuesday and Thursday from March 30th to May 27th with 3 room each night from 7pm until 11pm (Eastern). We will have an offense room, defense room, and a room which will have a mix of program building, special teams, and strength and conditioning. Overall there will be 216 presentations. with a 30-35 minute presentation and 10-15 minute Q&A.

Replays will be available until September 1st.

More details and the link to the website will be available soon!