Adjustment Series Week 3 – Red Zone

Adjustment Series Week 3 – Red Zone

Hopefully your team is finding success in the Red Zone. It can make a huge difference in any game.

The red zone requires some thoughts and adjustments on both sides of the ball. For the offense, vertical space is decreasing and causes them to adjust their route concepts. They look for formations and routes that help them get free of tight coverage. In the run game they look to add hats especially as a defense commits more to the run.

The defense must adjust and stay out of situations where the offense is picking off defenders and getting a receiver wide open. The defense needs to be able to react quickly and commit to stopping the run.

Both sides of the call must have a plan and execute if they want to win on this part of the field. Today we share adjustments for each side of the ball in the Red Zone.

-QB run with Swing Screen
-Swing Screen action adjustment vs OLB causing issues
-Empty with multiple quicks/hots
-Using Zone run/pass pro vs. pressure
-Play action

-Alignment to not get picked
-Adjusting coverage in the red zone
-Using bracket vs. condensed splits

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