All In On Offense- Short Yardage/Goal Line Heavy Sets- Sanders Davis, Rice

On today’s podcast, we ramp back up our All In On Offense series as host Keith Grabowski is joined by Rice Offensive Line Coach, Sanders Davis. Coach took over the Rice offensive line in 2020, having previously spent time on staff as a GA. Prior to his time at Rice, Davis spent 5 years at Catholic High School, where he served as the run game coordinator and offensive line coach. Davis joins the podcast to talk about his heavy goalline sets and how they fit in today’s spread world.

2:22 What his goal line package looks like on a base level
4:28 Why his team likes to use these unique sets
7:42 Accounting for how teams will defend these heavy sets in the world of spread offenses
11:07 When do you install this and how do to make it easy for the QB
12:33 How many concepts they run out of these heavy sets and how they use them from game to game
14:10 When they put these plays in during the week and practicing them
16:30 How they deal with practicing the physical nature of these plays
17:55 How they adjust their stance and splits for heavy concepts
22:07 Coaching cues for getting the younger linemen up to speed
24:12 Targets for lineman’s hands
31:10 What techniques the defense use to stop them and how to counter
34:04 Coaching the puller
38:50 Teaching the combos
41:48 Mindset and physical traits for the runningbacks
46:00 How they protect the flanks
48:28 Approach to running pass plays out of these formations
52:01 Getting creative with personnel