An Incredible Opportunity to Learn and How Time and Score Matter- John Loose, Army

On today’s podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined by Army Assistant Coach, John Loose. Since 2004, Coach Loose has run Lauren’s First and Goal, a charity which donates money to brain tumor research as well as to families who have been impacted by cancer. So far, LFG has raised 2.6 million dollars to the fight against cancer and have shown no signs of slowing down. Loose, who hosts events every year for LFG, will go virtual this year via an online clinic on Coach Tube. (Link at bottom) In addition to discussing different aspects for the upcoming clinic, Loose and Grabowski talk about situational football and its impact in the game.

Show Notes:

1:31 Lauren’s First and Goal upcoming Clinic
14:37 Current use of analytics in football as well as the importance of situational football
19:18 Prepping for all different situations
24:22 Use of codewords
27:11 Recommendations for coaches trying to improve their situational awareness