Coaching The Hybrids- Cortney Braswell, Outside Linebacker Coach, Appalachian State

On today’s podcast, Host Keith Grabowski is joined by Appalachian State Outside Linebackers Coach, Cortney Braswell. Starting in the High School Ranks just a few years ago, Braswell has worked his way up to a Division 1 coaching job. Grabowski talks to him today about how he worked his way up as well as how he coaches his OLB’s and why they are true hybrid players.

Show Notes

1:53 What inspired Braswell to be a football coach
3:46 How being a High School coach is helping him as a college coach
6:40 How he teaches all his different techniques to each player
10:28 Quarter vs 2×2
13:25 Coming up with drills to support what you do on on gameday
15:46 How he prepared to be a division one coach
18:14 How Braswell built relationships to work his way up from the High School ranks
20:06 Well done is better than well said
23:45 How he sees what he taught when he flips on the film
25:42 Advice for aspiring coaches
29:16 Winning Edge

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