Cool Clinic Preview – Joe Thomas And Bob Wylie

Today’s podcast is a sneak preview of the upcoming C.O.O.L. Clinic – the premier clinic for offensive line coaches. In this segment from Joe Thomas’s Q&A with Bob Wylie, Joe Thomas answers questions from Bob Wylie:
-You’ve seen a number of young OL come and go throughout your time, what attributes do you see in young players that make you realize they have a chance to be successful in the league?
-What are separates the great coaches from the others?
-What’s the best advice you’ve been given & what advice do you give to younger players?
-What ways to you have to help the OT’s in loud stadiums and on silent counts? 
-What silent count operations did you feel worked the best? 
-What was your weekly game prep like for film evaluation?
-How did you prepare and what was your mindset when facing elite pass rushers?
-What do you think is the most important aspect of pass protection?

This is just 25 minutes of the nearly 2 hours he did for the clinic.

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