Quantify What’s Important- Dave Anderson, Former NFL WR, CEO Breakaway Data

On today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, host Keith Grabowski welcomes Dave Anderson, a former NFL Wide Receiver and now CEO of Breakaway Data. Having played the sport at a high, Dave Anderson is able to provide a unique view to the world of analytics. He joined the podcast today to talk about what kind of data he uses to sort out the important data as well as how he uses that data.

1:29 Anderson’s Journey
8:00 Where to start with his analytics and fitting players to scheme and scheme to players
12:13 Analyzing the differences from year to year
13:56 Starting point for coaches looking to get started with his program
17:11 Measuring the athletic ability of the guys in the trenches
20:10 Where these types of analytics are headed
22:46 How to work these systems if you’re on a lower budget
25:56 Winning Edge