Rushing the Passer- Craig Roh, Pass Rush Specialist

Today on the Coach and Coordinator podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined by Craig Roh, defensive line specialist. Roh has developed his own system for rushing the passer, which was detailed in his book The Pass Rush Bible. Roh talks with Grabowski about all things involving the pass rush, including how he developed his system and some of the key aspects that go into it.

Show Notes:

1:21 Roh’s journey
3:38 What it was like playing at Michigan
5:33 How he developed his program for rushing the passer
8:11 How everything Roh looked at became his system
12:58 What goes into calculating the rush path
22:32 How situation plays into rush pass situation
26:17 How the system actually translate to players
28:20 What his book and program contains

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