Special Teams & Technology in Recruiting- Justin Stovall, LB and Special Teams Coordinator, Columbia

Joining host Keith Grabowski on today’s podcast is Coach Justin Stovall, the Linebackers Coach and Special Teams Coordinator at Columbia University. Stovall has been in this role at Columbia for 6 seasons and helped the program to their first consecutive back to back winning seasons (2017-18) since 1961-62. Prior to his time at Columbia, Stovall spent time at Valparaiso, Lehigh, Villanova and Franklin and Marshall College. He comes on the podcast today to talk about his approach to special teams as well as some new technology that is helping him recruit.

Show Notes:

1:58 Coach’s Journey
3:45 Influence other coaches had on Stovall
5:50 Approach to using all your resources over time
7:57 Foundational philosophy
12:15 Stovall’s approach to Special Teams
16:50 Evaluating players for roles on special teams
20:07 Determining how many units a player can play on
29:23 Coach’s use of the app Roster Spot
31:03 Basic use of the tool
32:09 Practical use of the app
34:36 Connect with Coach
35:52 Winning Edge