Transitioning to the Role of Analyst- Tyler Hancock, Senior Special Teams Analyst, West Virgnia

On today’s podcast, Host Keith Grabowski is joined by Senior Special Teams Analyst at West Virginia, Tyler Hancock. Hancock has been at WVU since 2019 in his current role. Prior to his time at WVU, he spent time as the Quality Control Coach at Maryland as well as some time at Kentucky and Kentucky Wesleyan. Coach Hancock joined the podcast today to talk about his transition to the role of a Senior Analyst and how it differs from some of his previous roles.

1:10 Coach’s Journey 
3:28 Transition to the role of analyst 
4:42 What a typical week looks like in terms of workflow for an analyst 
7:08 Organization of the Coaching staff at WVU
9:43 How the whole staff helps on special teams
12:10 Where the opportunities lie in special teams
13:43 How much evaluation of special teamers falls upon him
15:20 How the details he encounters can be used on smaller staffs
17:55 Getting everything in during practice
20:00 Organization of scout teams
21:52 Opportunities for younger coaches 
23:20 Developing yourself as a coach
24:42 Coach’s role in culture building 
26:34 Winning Edge