Q&A With Hall Of Fame Coach Bill Snyder – Building A Winning Program

Joining host Keith Grabowski on the podcast today is legendary college football coach Bill Snyder. Coach spent over 50 years roaming the sideline in some capacity, but is most notable for his time as the Head Coach at Kansas State where he had two different tenures spanning thirty years. During his time at Kansas State, Coach won Big Eight Conference Coach of the year 3 times and Big 12 Coach of the Year 4 times. Additionally, he boasted an overall record of 215-117-1 and won 9 bowl games. Coach was inducted into the Kansas State Hall of Fame in 2008 and the College Football Hall of Fame in 2015. Coach joined Grabowski today for a special Q&A with questions provided by coaches from across the country.

1:01 What inspired Snyder to want to Coach
2:43 What stuck with Coach that he learned from his mentors
6:14 What kind of things Coach preached that became his culture
11:05 How Coach recruited kids that fit his culture
15:48 Importance of researching recruits through social media and other tools
18:00 Developing a culture at a school where there has been none previously
27:50 Main things Coach looks at when hiring new staff members
29:19 How Coach managed to prepare his staff to be coaches elsewhere while still maintaining continuity
32:32 What Coach would be looking for from his coaches during practice
35:46 Did Coach ever face a scenario where he had to talk one of his coaches out of leaving for a promotion at a different school?
38:37 Advice on developing culture within a specific positional group
42:29 Coach’s thoughts on bringing in transfers to a program
44:32 What stats Coach focused on that he thought gave them the winning edge
47:00 How Coach evolves his offense schematically and how he fits it to his personnel
48:26 What Coach focused on with his special teams units that made them such a success
51:41 How Coach balanced his own family and his players and coaches
53:26 What would Coach have done differently if he could go back and do his first ten years of coaching again?
56:55 What about the last ten years?
58:01 How to connect with a disgruntled player
1:01:38 The Winning Edge

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