Being The Offensive Coordinator And OL Coach – Kory Allen, University Of Findlay

On today’s podcast, University of Findlay offensive coordinator, Kory Allen shares some innovations he has been a part of as well as his advice on how to be the offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. Entering his 15th season with the Oilers in 2020-21 Allen’s leadership along the line has helped the Oilers reach new heights on the offensive side of the ball.

The 2019 version of the Oilers offense scored 38 points per game and picked up 463 yards per game.

While at the University of Findlay, Allen has helped craft one of the best offenses in the country with proof from the multiple nationally ranked statistics he has produced. Under Allen’s direction, the Oilers have been ranked:

1st in first downs offense in 2017 (359)
3rd in total offense in 2017 (515.5)
3rd in 3rd down conversion % in 2017 (52.4%)
5th in scoring offense in 2017 (44.5)
6th in rushing offense in 2017 (260.9)
11th in 3rd down conversion rate in 2016 (49%)
6th in 3rd down conversion rate in 2015 (52%)
18th in toal offense in 2015 (477.5 yards per game / 36.1 points per game)
5th in 3rd down conversion rate in 2013 (48.7%)
8th in total offense in 2013 (504.5 yards per game / 37.9 points per game)
10th in sacks allowed in 2013 (Just 10 sacks in 11 games played)
11th in rushing yards per game in 2013 (259.5)
13th in sacks allowed in 2012 (Just 9 sacks in 10 games played)
5:30 The Shotgun I Innovation in 1998 before it was called Pistol

12:00 Influences on his coaching

13:30 Getting his first full-time job

14:30 Becoming the offensive coordinator while coaching offensive line

15:35 Advice to OL coaches: pay attention to the 7 on 7 film

18:30 Having a skill coach to trust

19:45 Using instant replay in practice

20:42 Learning from others to learn more about being offensive coordinator – Tom Manning and Herb Hand

23:00 Press box or field?

24:15 Look at the process

25:37 Having assistants who are smarter than you

26:30 Why it’s important that the OL coach understands what the quarterback sees

28:09 Allowing the coach on the field to be the voice

28:45 Suggestions for making a transition from OL coach to OC

29:27 Looking at a game honestly

30:09 Understanding defenses

30:42 Having a great relationship with the defensive staff

32:40 Being on the same page with defensive coordinator on game day

33:35 Having a wide angle view of what’s happening on gameday

36:05 The winning edge – great players, teaching progression

37:12 Class work, quizzes, test, exam

38:28 Being efficient in practice with drills – ex. Concept vs Coverage

40:41 Recruiting areas – Northeast Ohio (Cleveland, Akron Canton), Western New York


Herb Hand

John Snell

Jason Makrinos

Shap Boyd

Jim Meyer

Tony Neymeier

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