Teaching at Different Levels: Dallas Blacklock, Running Backs Coach at Texas Southern University

Teaching at Different Levels: Dallas Blacklock, Running Backs Coach at Texas Southern University

On this episode of the Coach and Coordinator Podcast, we welcome in the Assistant Head Coach, Running Backs coach, and recruiting coordinator at Texas Southern University, Dallas Blacklock. Coach Blacklock arrived at TSU in 2016 and transitioned from receivers coach to running backs coach this year. Coach Blacklock previously worked as the head coach at Sharpstown High School in Houston ISD. He also served as the Director of High School Relations at the University of Houston from 2013-2016. On this episode, learn how Coach Blacklock transitioned throughout his career and how he teaches his players.

2:35 Inspiration to become a coach
4:00 Coaching at the high school level
6:20 Becoming a better assistant coach
7:40 Working in high school relations
9:38 Emphasis on teaching
12:29 Coaching away from your team
15:07 Building relationships
20:15 Getting to know everyone better
23:20 Teaching the game remotely
27:16 Reinforcing teaching
27:53 Differences between programs
33:47 Driving forces in our profession
38:11 How to get there
41:22 The meaning behind drills
44:16 The winning edge
44:38 Recruiting areas

You can follow Coach Blacklock on Twitter here: @dalblac99

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