XFL Coach Austin James Smith on Innovation

today’s podcast AJ Smith, Houston Roughnecks WR Coach, joins host Keith Grabowski to talk about new technology in film storage and use. Coach explains his system including the ins and outs of how to effectively use the technology.

1:42 XFL rules and potential for return
4:38 Run and Shoot offense and what Coach has learned from June Jones
6:13 Some of the offensive adjustments they used in the XFL
10:14 Culture of passing in the run and shoot
13:37 Coach’s highest % route
16:40 Shallow Screen
19:00 VAR Systems
24:48 Advances in film storage
30:10 Coach showing and explaining his film storage system
37:20 The breakthrough coach has made with his controller
41:20 How his film doesn’t have any lag
42:42 One of coach’s new plays they rolled out this year
44:22 Nebraska play
50:58 QB Reads
53:04 Curl and Go
58:07 Connect with coach

Twitter: @CoachKGrabowsk @AustinJamesXFL