Applying Science To Prepare For Week 1

On today’s podcast we put a focus on how to best prepare your team for week one. As we face new challenges, now is a time to apply some of the best knowledge and science in sport to have our team and players performing optimally. Joining us are three Division 1 strength and conditioning coaches and a state champion on how they apply the science.

2:01 Louisiana Tech strength and conditioning coach Kurt Hester: Why old school conditioning is out of date
6:50Ryan Horton, Director of Applied Sports Science at Georgia Tech: Key things to look at to make sure kids are performing optimally, and adjusting practice to simulate game tempo
13:31Kirk Fridrich: Building into week 1 and mapping out camp accordingly
20:15 Senior Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete High Performance at the College of William & Mary: The first game conundrum and coaching your team into shape

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