Evaluating Players In Training Camp – 9 College Coaches Share Their Insight

On today’s podcast, we pull together the thoughts of nine coaches from the FBS to learn how they evaluate their individual position and units. Evaluation is always important, and maybe even more so in a season that will have less time to prepare players for week 1.

1:14 David Elson, Marian University DC on communication and expectations to set the process.
8:06 Tyrone Nix, current defensive coordinator UTSA on the product that is seen on game day
10:56 Bobby Acosta, former FBS, FCS, D3 coach, current head coach at IMG Academy on evaluation of playmakers and building the offensive line.
14:36 Eric Mele, RB coach Mississippi State, evaluating the measurables for the running backs
19:21 Eric Eidsness, offensive coordinator/QB Coach Northern Illinois, objectivity through specific grading criteria.
26:14 Craig Stutzman, co-offensive coordinator/QB coach Washington State, holistic grading and creating one voice for QB/WR.
31:55 Cody Kennedy, OL coach Tulane, the O-Line Stock Report and evaluating to create chemistry
36:09 Nick Sheridan, offensive coordinator/QB Coach Indiana, being simple in grading tight ends, getting more players above the line ready.
42:04 Scott Fountain, special teams coordinator Arkansas, alignment, assignment, technique and involving assistants.

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