Special Teams SWAG – Keith Larson, WR Coach, Bucknell University

On today’s episode Keith Larson, WR coach at Bucknell University joins us to share how he has built culture on special teams as well as organization and planning as a special teams coordinator at previous coaching stops.
1:31 Why coach?
3:00 Gaining understanding of recruiting through working in admission and financial aid.
6:55 Understanding the needs of the college in recruiting
9:20 Key learning early in his career
11:08 Dealing with no football this fall
13:55 Learning from the shutdown
16:38 SWAG culture on special teams
19:40 Being efficient with time and special teams planning
23:25 Prep work the week before
26:23 Game plan variation week to week
28:24 Practice time allocation
31:45 Ideas picked up in the off season
33:29 Winning Edge – Perspective, Purpose, Perseverance
35:06 Recruiting areas