Numbers, Angles, and Grass – Jeff Mullen, former OC, WVU and UNC-Charlotte

On today’s podcast, Jeff Mullen, former OC at West Virginia University and UNC-Charlotte joins us to discuss numbers, angles, and grass, and calling the right play.

Mullen served as RB the OT and TE coach at Ohio University from 1995-2000. From there he moved on to Wake Forest as OT & TE and the QB coach. At WVU he served as QB coach and OC and did the same at UNC-Charlotte. Mullen has had success at every stop in his career.

:40 Background
3:30 Influences on his coaching
5:47 Offensive influences and carryover
7:37 Defense identification
9:42 Numbers, Angles, Grass
12:40 The plays and how they attack
16:23 Time of possession and tempo
19:19 Tempo late in the game
22:20 Sugar huddle and advantages
24:02 Practice planning
31:39 Plays for situations
35:34 4-minute offense
37:55 Keeping it simple for the QB and OL
41:14 Resources and contact info

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