From The Archives – Joe Dailey, Receivers Coach, Boston College

From the Archives – Joe Dailey, WR Coach, Boston College shares his insight on coordinating an offense. Dailey recorded with us while he was at Liberty. He spent 2019 as New Mexico’ Offensive Coordinator and now is at Boston College.

On today’s episode of the Coach and Coordinator podcast Keith Grabowski has Joe Dailey, offensive coordinator at Liberty University. Dailey is a former quarterback at Nebraska and North Carolina and used some of his personal playing experience to help influence his offensive scheme. Keith and Coach Dailey discuss what has impacted Dailey as a coach, his dynamic offensive scheme and coaching process.

01:10 Joe Dailey’s coaching journey
02:12 Coaches that have made an impact on Dailey
04:15 Developing offense from previous experience
05:10 Transitioning in coaching and understanding relationships
07:12 Advice for guys that want to be a coach
08:35 Coach Dailey’s mistake as a young coach
09:48 Evolution of the offense at Liberty
10:45 Philosophy of the offense
12:54 Offensive trends
14:30 Defensive trends
16:32 Coach Dailey’s favorite concepts against tight defensive fronts
17:53 RPO in 21 & 22 personnel
19:06 Impact play for Coach Dailey, Outside zone backside RPO
21:20 Coaching the running back
22:02 Offensive line
22:25 RPO read backside
23:35 Coaching the RPO attachments
24:45 Explosive plays, Dailey’s explosive package
25:00 Sail
27:00 Training the quarterback
30:40 Inside practice
34:38 Gameday process
37:00 Tools to acquire data
38:35 Communication at halftime
40:05 What to look for postgame on film
41:25 Winning edge