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Mid-Season Practice and Game Planning Considerations

Jaime Elizondo, XFL Offensive Coordinator, provides tips for coaches seeking an edge as we get later into the season. Coach Elizondo discusses how to keep players fresh, remain committed...

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Communication for a Positive Second Half of the Season

John Tomlinson, Mike Judy, and Brendan Walsh share approaches for clear and strong communication with players to have a positive impact on the remainder of the season.

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Stay Sharp at the Line of Scrimmage

Steven Ciocci, Siddiq Haynes, and Kyle Segler discuss how they maintain peak performance for their guys in the trenches during the season.

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Evaluating Defensive Performance and Making Adjustments

Eric Kasperowicz, Shane Dierking, and Ty Gower give us their approaches to adjustments to their defensive units. These mid-season evaluations are crucial to remaining on the right track or...

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Keeping It Simple and Continuing to Evolve Your Style

In this episode, AJ Smith, offensive coordinator for the Houston Roughnecks, helps us keep our call sheets and game plans simple, while continuing to evolve as coaches.

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Mid-Season Workload: Understand Player Needs

Cris Reisert and Chris Softley share their philosophies and approaches on the practice field and in the weight room to keep their players healthy and performing optimally as the...

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Self-Scouting Your Calls and Your Culture

Dante Bartee and Morgan Scalley put together two aspects of your team’s performance to this point in the season, providing actionable data to optimize your chances for success in...

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Adding Wrinkles to Meetings, Practices, and Drills for Continuous Improvement

Eric Marty, Scotty Walden, and Tommy Zagorski share how they keep their teams focused and engaged through meetings and practice periods so that execution and performance on game day...

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The Strategic Power of the Self-Scout

James Vint looks at simple ways to make data efficient for your time and produce actionable information. These wrinkles and adjustments put your offense in a position to win...

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Keeping the Team Focused and Motivated

Levi Nelson, Loren Johnson, and Matt Drinkall talk about celebrating things outside of wins and losses, focusing on a theme each week, and even outsourcing vocal messages to the...

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