Coach Player Relationship and Coaching the Oline- Bill Durkin, OL Coach, Coastal Carolina

On today’s podcast, Host Keith Grabowski is joined by Bill Durkin, Offensive Line Coach at Coastal Carolina. Durkin has been at Coastal since thee 2014 campaign and has had the privilege of coaching the Running Backs, Tight Ends, Tackles and now Offensive Line during his tenure. The Coastal Carolina offensive attack has gained praise nationwide over the last few years and Durkin has played a large role in their success. Coach joined the podcast today to talk about his relationship with players as well as some basic offensive and offensive line concepts.

1:20 Durkin’s coaching journey 
3:35 Key lessons Coach learned in his journey that have helped shape his philosophy 
5:38 Their CPR philosophy 
8:30 How effective CPR has been
10:30 Biggest aspects that have led to their success offensively 
15:18 Finding a balance between keeping it simple for your guys but hard for the defense
17:30 Approach to indy sessions 
21:36 Approach to film sessions 
25:28 Coach’s signature play
27:30 Advice to people coming into coaching
30:18 Winning Edge