Following Your Passion- Phoebe Schecter-LB and Assistant Defensive Coordinator, Potsdam Royals

On today’s podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined by Phoebe Schecter, Linebackers and Assistant Defensive Coordinator for the Potsdam Royals. Schecter has had an unusual journey throughout her career as she actually adopted the game while she was in the UK working for an Equestrian team. Once she got her feet wet, her drive and devotion to the game led her on a path that led her to working with the Buffalo Bills as an assistant tight ends coach. Coach Schecter joins the podcast today to talk about her unusual journey, what challenges she faced and how she has adapted to the game.

1:36 Coach’s journey
3:20 First experience as an adult dealing with a physical sports
4:51 How she started to really learn the game
6:27 Which resources helped her learn the game the most
8:27 How she got the opportunity to coach in the NFL
11:27 What it was like stepping into “a man’s world”
14:12 How Schecter went about building her relationships with her players
17:38 Importance in having answers to the question “why”
20:40 What some of the driving forces behind the Bills turnaround have been
25:04 How she reflects on and keeps track of what happened during practice
28:26 Coaching Cues
29:09 Looking to other sports to help you coach
32:25 Winning Edge