Pass Rush

Master Your Technique – Mike Waufle, Retired NFL Defensive Line Coach

In the segment from the 2022 COOL Clinic, Mike Waufle shares how his classroom was unique and then goes into the six components of get-off, which he repped every single day. While he focuses his presentation on defensive line play, there’s a lot to learn here about teaching your players, regardless of the position, to master their technique.

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Make the Most of the Reps You Have Available – Caleb Collins, Outside Linebackers Coach, Baylor

In this episode, Caleb Collins details with depth his desired traits for the Jack position, his teaching progressions and coaching cues for pass rush, and technology tools to speed up process and get more reps.

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Rushing the Passer- Craig Roh, Pass Rush Specialist

Today on Coach and Coordinator Podcast, host Keith Grabowski is joined by Craig Roh, defensive line specialist. Roh has developed his own system for rushing the passer, which was detailed in his book The Pass Rush Bible. Roh talks with Grabowski about all things involving the pass rush, including how he developed his system and…

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