The 10% Coach

The 10% Coach

The football coaching industry is a statistically relevant population. And like all such populations of people, its members map to a bell curve. Coach and Coordinator showcases the bell's leading 10% of coaching talent and all industry participants across the curve who aspire to walk the path required to become a 10% Coach.

10 Percent Coach Bell Curve

Who is the 10% Coach?

The 10% Coach…

possesses a growth mindset with an old-fashioned work ethic.
commits to excellence in all he or she does.
puts the ladder down for his or her colleagues and rivals to achieve more.
chases no frills and lets his or her work speak for itself.
retains emotional intelligence and confidence in identity at all times.
is curious, adaptive, open-minded, imaginative, and comfortable with ambiguity.
is consistent, competitive, never satisfied, always intentional, and disciplined in details.
values proven process as well as originality and risk tolerance to test new ideas.
harnesses the power of collaboration and elevates all who are willing to raise the definition of great coaching.

The 10% Coach is rare. But elements of the 10% live within all coaches who aspire to be their best selves, generously serve their players and fellow coaches, and dedicate their work to this game and its perpetual improvement.

Does this characterization describe you?
Then you have what it takes to be a 10% Coach.